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3Flo was looking to grow its online presence and gain market share in the city of St Albans; with great products and a fantastic team, all it needed was online visibility! The campaign’s goal was to increase traffic and drive local clicks!

The Evidence - Traffic Increase

3Flo Results

One shining example of our success is our work with 3Flo Ltd. Within just three months, from November to January, we’ve helped propel their online presence from a modest 30 monthly visitors to an impressive 500. This remarkable growth stands as a testament to our expertise in digital marketing and our dedication to driving real, measurable results for our clients. At RippeClick, we don’t just promise success – we deliver it. Let us help you unlock the full potential of your online presence and achieve the growth you deserve.

The Evidence - Local Visibility

When RippleClick first partnered with 3Flo, their presence in Google searches was virtually nonexistent. However, through our collaborative efforts, we achieved a significant milestone by securing them a prominent spot in the map pack for their top keyword, “St Albans bathroom fitters.” This achievement marked a pivotal turning point for 3Flo, dramatically increasing their visibility and driving valuable traffic to their business.

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Business impact

Since joining forces with RippleClick, 3Flo has witnessed a remarkable surge in organic traffic, catapulting them to the coveted top position for key search terms like “bathroom cost” and “Bathroom fitters in St Albans.” This newfound prominence has translated into a substantial increase in enquiries, leading to heightened revenue generation. By securing top rankings and attracting quality leads, RippleClick has not only bolstered 3Flo’s online visibility but also paved the way for sustained business growth and success.


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