My St Albans Handyman

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+100% ROI

My St Albans Handyman are a new business, they came to us for a brand new website and SEO services to place their business on the map… Literally!

handyman St Albans

A Friendly Welcome

Handyman websites are notoriously unengaging and look like they belong in the 80’s. We gave the website a look that deserves to be on the front page of Google. The conversion rate on this website has been some of the best we have achieved, showing the need for modern construction websites!

A Spot On The Map

My St Albans Handyman Google Business Profile placement


Within two weeks, we were able to secure a spot on Google Maps for their main term “St Albans Handyman”, providing our client with 14 valuable calls within the first month of being with us! The ROI on this project was over 100% in the first four weeks.


Business impact

The partnership between My St Albans Handyman and RippleClick has produced impressive gains, showcasing a stunning 100% ROI within just the first month. This striking success powerfully reflects our strategic approach, proving that with RippleClick, every digital marketing pound is an investment in your business growth.




Conversion Rate


Calls within the first month

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