Plantiit Web

+19% Engagement Time

PLANTIIT are a new plant-based brand, targeting a market share in this competitive niche. They wanted an aggressive, stand-out website to enhance their online presence.

Plantiit Web

A Welcome That Stands Out

Plantiit website

With the plant-based niche being very competitive, PLANTIIT needed a brand and website that stood out. We designed the brand with a stand-out glow look and made a custom background to ensure customers knew exactly what this brand was about. 

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To keep customers engaged and increase the average engagement time on the website by over 19%. We also build custom infographics for each section on the blog. This carousel has proven to keep customers reading and engaged for longer! 

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Business impact

Since partnering with RippleClick, Plantiit has seen its digital garden flourish with more online growth than ever before it’s reported a 19% uptick in website engagement. Their experience with our client-centric approach has culminated in a radiant 5-star review, a testament to our nurturing digital approach.


Unique Brand


Increased engagement


Low bounce rate

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