C J Smiths

+560% Map Impressions

The goal was simple.. get C J Smiths online! With absolutely no online presence, we got to work building a newly updated website and implementing the foundations of SEO to get the brand seen.

The Evidence - Traffic Increase

C J Smiths

One remarkable achievement we’re proud to highlight is our collaboration with C J Smiths. Over a short period, we elevated their online impressions by an astonishing 560%. This substantial increase underscores our proficiency in digital marketing and our commitment to delivering tangible results for our clients.

At RippleClick, we’re dedicated to actualising your online potential and ensuring your business experiences the growth it deserves. Let us partner with you on your journey to success.

The Evidence - Local Visibility

As local search map packs become increasingly integral to customers’ search journeys for nearby businesses, we strategically positioned C J Smiths at the forefront of these listings. 

This elevated placement not only boosted their visibility but also ensured they were easily found for key search terms like “St Albans Builders.” By leveraging our expertise, we’ve empowered C J Smiths to stand out in local searches, gaining them number #1 Google Maps spot for their main term!

This placement capturing the attention of more potential customers and drove valuable leads to their business.

CJ Smiths Google Maps Listing in number 1 position

Business impact

Since teaming up with RippleClick, C J Smiths has achieved impressive results in local search optimisation. By strategically positioning them at the top of local map packs, we’ve significantly increased their visibility for key search terms like “St Albans Builders.” This strategic move has not only enhanced their online presence but has also ensured they are easily found by potential customers seeking their services. As a result, C J Smiths has experienced a surge in inquiries and heightened revenue generation, showcasing the tangible impact of our partnership in driving business growth and success.


Increased impressions


Google maps placement


Form submissions increased

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